DIY Herbal hair oil

So this is completely a herbal hair oil which you can make at home easily with no side effects!The ingredients used are very effective for curing all kind of hair problems and will provide a healthy hair.Coconut oil is the key ingredient which is known as a tonic for hair growth.Also the bringaraja used helps to strengthen roots of hair thereby making your hair healthy!


?Coconut oil_1litre(according to what you need,u can change the quantity corresponding to availability)
?Hibiscus flowers_10 to 15
?Bringaraja_5 to 6 plants with roots
?Tulsi leaves_2 to 3(not more than that)
?Camphor(just for smell-1 small piece)


Coconut oil

Promotes hair growth.Grows hair longer.Coconut oil is very useful to prevent dandruff.


Strengthening of hair follicles and promote hair growth.Contains vitamin C.Useful for  and flaky scalp.

Hibiscus flowers

It conditions your hair and make your hair soft and smooth.


It improves blood circulation and prevents hair fall.


  • First grind or mash hibiscus flowers with tulsi n also grind bringaraja seperately
  • Make sure u wash everything properly
  • Take out the seed from gooseberry and grind it in a mixer
  • Squeeze its juice
  • Mix all these with coconut oil
  • Boil it
  • Take a little amount of oil from the vessel at the time of cooking.Put few drops in a container with water seperately.If it dissolves,u have to boil again till it remain undissolved.This is an important step as it is about the consistency!?
  • Add camphor
  • Allow it to cool down 
  • Strain using a towel to filter residues
  • Store in a dry and air tight bottle

So these are the steps!!! U'll get an amazing hair oil.I personally use this.Usually we add other herbs available here.If u don't have bringaraja,no problem.Gooseberry is a wonderful ingredient!


  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduce hairfall
  • Removes dandruff
  • Avoid premature greying
  • Make hair smooth and soft

Use it twice a week!Massage to scalp and hair.Wash after 1 hour with mild shampoo.
If u want frizz free hair,mix with vitamin E capsule and add some almond oil for more benefits!
Love you all??????

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