How are u all?Time for some motivation!!?
I'm sure this one will help you all to reach the first step towards self care!Self care is important for a healthy mind,body and soul.So,I'm here with 12 easy steps which will keep your mind and body healthy!

1.Think positive 

Never let others to make you feel down.Always start your day with some positive energy.Read 1 motivational quote in morning,which will keep you motivated throughout the day!??


Trust me!Yoga will help you to overcome stress and health problems.Practice yoga for atleast 15 minutes or do suryanamaskar.If you want to lose weight you can do some workouts!??

3.Care people you love

Always try to make your loved ones happy.If they are not ok,probably you'll also feel the same.So make them happy.Care them,try to solve their problems!??

4.Stop overthinking

Stop overthinking.Yes! Don't let your mind to roam uncontrallably.It will affect your mental health.Go with the flow.Don't think much about anything!??

5.Be a mixed blessing

Don't be a praiser and don't be a criticizer.Find good and bad in others.Be loyal.Don't judge anyone.Everyone have flaws.Try to convey opinions in a healthy way!??

6.Stop ego

Stop trying to make yourself best.No one can become a flawless peraon.Everyone will do mistakes.Stop considering yourself the best.Cut off ego!??

7.Healthy diet

Keep a healthy diet.Include more veggies.Avoid spicy food items.Drink water.Eat fruits!??

8.Skin & hair

Pamper yourself.Take a shower.Groom your nails.Make everything perfect.Appky a face pack and a hair pack atleast once a week!??

9.Be nice

Talk nicely! Don't be too harsh!Be nice and cool which will keep your mind free from the clutters!??


Pray for everything you've.Always thank god for giving you the things that others don't have.Also pray for a better tomorrow!??


Meditate on a daily basis if you've time.Or try to meditate atleast once a week for atleast 30 minutes!??

12.Be a nature lover

Best way for self care is of being a nature lover.Start gardening.Or walk around a place which is calm and quiet.Spend time in such areas!??
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Take care!

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