A perfect morning routine for students

Seems like you're impressed with the title??Yes!This is about a perfect morning...I said "perfect".Can you hear that?What does the word perfect means?Having all the desired qualities or elements which is absolutely free from defects!What? Free from defects!No!
Not like that,I mean it"s free from mess that's all.I won't say this would be a perfect morning routine which will make you a successful person.But I feel this would inspire you or it would make you feel that "Yes,I need to change or I need to brush my teeth on an everyday basis" ????Ok, first of all...this is not what I'm.I don't have a perfect morning routine.I'm a girl who love to sleep until my mother wakes me up from my bed!I literally love my bed more than anything else in this world!!??literally not exactly!??.
So without any further lag let's move on to the topic??

1.Setting wake up time?

An average human being needs to wake up after 6-8 hours of sleep.Also waking up between 5:30-7:30 AM is best.It's better to wakeup at the time when sun rises.If you go to bed at 11PM,it's advisable to wakeup at 6 in the morning.So try to go to bed before 12 AM to ensure a perfect sleep for body and mind.It's very important to give proper rest to your body.Also avoid electronic gadgets before bed.You can read any book before bed,it's better.
Using electronic gadgets like phone,pc,laptops or tablets will disturb your good night sleep.So it's better to avoid such things before half an hour of sleep atleast.Always try to sleep under dim light with proper air circulation.Wear comfy dresses before going to sleep.Also take a shower before bed if you can??A good night sleep will ensure a good morning!So sleep well.
Set an alarm.You can use the website sleepyti.me to calculate your wakeup time and bed time precisely.

2.Make your bed

Always make your bed after you wake up.No matter what happens,you have to make your bed.This will be a perfect start for your morning and will help to declutter everything.Take a look after making your bed,you'll thank to yourself??Making bed can make your room 80% tidy.Rest 20% is up to you??
Change your bed covers and pillow covers atleast twice a week.Try to choose bed covers and pillow covers which suits your room paint or maybe the colours you like.Also silk pillow cases are good as it'll pamper your hair.

3.Open your windows

Let the sun shine in your room!Open windows and see the morning.Let the air flows inside your room and make you happy??Opening windows will ensure a perfect air flow and will make you fell so comfortable.So always try to open windows in your room.Also it'll remove bad odour from your room too.
Who hates the view in morning,right?How beautiful it's!It'll be soothing for your mind and eyes.A better way to start your perfect morning!??If you live on towns or cities it's advisable to check the pollution status before opening windows??

4.Brush your teeth

Everyone knows the importance of brushing teeth in the morning.As the colgate Ad says "Brush brush brush 2 times a day"??You need to brush your teeth 2 times i.e,in morning and before bed time,Make it as a habit.There are many ways to add freshness to your mouth by chewing gums,mints or mouth freshners.But nothing is equivalent as brushing your teeth.
Brushing teeth will help to remove bacteria and plaque.Also provides a freshness to your mouth by removing remains of food.So brush your teeth??It'll make you feel alive in the morning.

5.Plan the day

You need a proper planning to keep your day well organised and comfortable.Make a" To do list "or use google calendar in your phone for that.Also make sure that your day ends according to what you have planned.Most of the time we can't do according to what you've planned.It's ok,shift that to next day...but make sure that you will do it??
Plan the day according to who you're.If you're a student,plan the day according to your works in classroom and prioritize each tasks.It'll help to avoid mess in last minutes.So be a proper planner.Plan your day and organize your day??


It's very important to hydrate your body.Before having your favourite coffee/tea. Drink a glass of warm water with 2,3 drops of lemon juice to it.If you don't like lemon then a glass of water will be enough.
So drink water and rehydrate your body.This will help you to clean your stomach and is really good for health.It helps in removing toxins from the body and thereby adds a glow to your skin.It's really beneficial for a healthy digestive system.Stay healthy!??

7.Meditation&simple exercises

Lot of us don't get time for a daily workout,yoga or meditation.But you've to find 30 minutes atleast for a healthy lifestyle.Meditate for 15 minutes in a clean and tidy place and exercise or try simple yoga poses.If you have time,then it's really good to practice yoga on a daily basis.
Meditation helps to calm your mind and it will help to avoid stress.This is the best way to destress yourself on this busy world.Find some time for yourself.Do simple breathing exercises,try exercises to calm your eyes and neck.Your body and mind will thank to you later!??


Keep everything neat and tidy.Remove the clutter from your room and make everything clean.De cluttering your space will also de clutter your mind too.So make sure that your work space is free from dust and garbage.
Clear your desk or workspace.If you use laptop or pc for your work or study then make sure you delete all unwanted files and keep everything organised.Arrange your notebooks in order??

9.Make your food

Prepare some healthy breakfast for your day.A perfect breakfast makes a perfect day.Include more veggies and fruits in your diet.Avoid junk foods,especially in the mornings.Have a simple but a healthy diet??Bananas are really good for body.Include 1 banana in your daily diet.
Breakfast means that you're breaking your fast.So this is the most important meal of your day.Make sure that you satisfies all the needs of your body through this one meal??

10.Get ready for the day!

Finally!Take a shower.Put some comfy clothes,get everything you need for the day.Wear the perfect outfit.Put clean and nice clothes.Make your face look perfect,tie your hair or leave it the way you like.Make sure that you're comfortable in every ways.Check latest news.Read the headlines of newspaper atleast or use internet and stay updated!
Yes!And you're ready to shine.This was a morning routine which is perfect in my concept.Hope you loved this post!Leave down your comments below and subscribe for updates.Stay happy!

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