HAIRFALL-Things you need to know

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Hairfall is the biggest issue for everyone irrespective of men,women,child or old people.Not everyone face the issue in same amount.Some people may experience severe ,wheras others may experience normal hairfall.So here I am talking about hairfall causes,remedies tips,do's and dont's.I hope this will help you all.So let's get into the topic:)

Worried about hectic hairfall?No worries,by proper care and diet we can control and stop this hairfall :) For that you may need to know about the typical hairgrowth cycle.

Hairgrowth cycle


This is basically the hair growth phase.During this phase our hair will grow and it lasts upto 2-7 years.


During this phase the hair follicle shrinks,so this is also known as regression phase.It basically lasts to 10 days


Old hair is resting during this phase and new hair grows.It lasts for almost 3 months.


This is the last stage and the hair falls out,the new hair grows from the same follicle:)

So,hairfall is obviously normal!We will lose 100-150 strands of hair on an everyday basis!Quite interesting right?So now you maybe thinking that then when does it becomes abnormal!!!
The answer is simple,when we lose more than 150 strands of hair per day then you have extreme hairfall.Well then you have to count the number of hair you lose a day!??
No!:)Here are some signs to figure out;

Signs of extreme hairfall

1.Thinning of hair
2.Appearance of bald spots
3.Scaling of scalp

Not everyone experiences extreme hairfall as they have any diseases like ringworm or any scalp infections.So,we can cure our hairloss problems at home by proper care and diet:)
yay!Let's talk about our diet ?


For proper haircare as well as healthcare one need to include more vegetables and fruits in their diet.Especially when you are experiencing excess hairfall one of the reasons might be nutritional deficiency.Simply analyse the situation of pregnant ladies,they experience this due to iron,plant,white,fruit,sweet,flower

So they need to incorporate food which contains iron such as spinach,beans,walnuts and other green leaf vegetables.You can even take iron suppliments in the form of tablets or tonics.
Lack of protein also causes hairfall,so eat food which are great source of protein such as eggs,meat,milk,oats etc.Also food such as oranges,pineapple,lemon,berries which are great source of vitamin C.Wheat,egg yolk,soya which are the sources of zinc.
Biotin is very important.Include carrots,brown rice in your daily diet also fish and nuts which are sources of Omega-3.

Other foods which promotes hairgrowth and scalp health are apricot,bananas,avocado and strawberries.

Causes of hairfall

Various other factors which lead to extreme hairfall includes
  • Stress
  • Climate
  • Medicines
  • Sun exposure
  • Chemical products
  • Use of styling products and heat
First de-stress,it's very important as it affects the proper functioning of our body activities.
Stress affects our normal health and leads to the hairloss.By meditation you can control your stress to a great extent!
Climate affects the health of hair.You can see falling of hair increases during monsoons.
By a proper haircare routine we can prevent hairfall due to climatic factors.
If you take certain medicines for any disease some may cause hairfall,you can consult your doctor in such cases.
Over exposure to sun rays leads to hair damage,you can use any hair serums or cover your hair with scarfs while going outside.
Some chemical products,especially products which contains sulfate causes hairfall,so use products which are more natural or free from sulfate.
Over usage of styling products may damage your hair,so use heat protectant products before styling your hair.
Other factors include pregnancy,period cycle and lifestyle changes.beach,sea,sand,ocean,horizon,woman


  • Hot oil massage
By hot oil massage you can cure your hairfall.For that you need any of the oils such as olive oil,almond oil,coconut oil or castor oil.Heat it in a bowl and add 1 or 2 vitamin E capsule to it by squeezing its oil.Mix it very well and apply it to your scalp and gently massage for 10 minutes.After 30 minutes wash your hair with any sulfate free shampoo and towel dry your hair.Do it once or twice a week

  • Egg hair mask
Mix one egg,2 tablespoon of aloegel,1 tablespoon of coconut or any oil,1 vitamin E capsule and add few drops of lemon juice if you hate the smell of egg.Mix well and apply to scalp and hair.Leave for 30-45 minutes and wash with shampoo.Do it once a week.Best hair mask for hair growth and scalp health.

  • Banana hair mask
Mash one or two banana according to your hair length.Add 2 tablespoon of coconut oil or any other oil to it you can add honey also. Grind it in a mixer and apply it to your hair and scalp.Wash after 30-45 minutes.It will give you smooth hair,prevents hairfall and also prevents scalp from getting dry as it is moisturising.
  • Fenugreek hair mask
Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and grind it in the morning.Add any oil to it,mix and apply.Wash after 30-45 minutes.Fenugreek is best in preventing hair loss also it promotes hair growth and it's a natural hair conditioner.

Do's and Dont's

?Oil(hot oiling) your hair twice a week and wash after 30-45 minutes.You can oil your hair overnight too.
?Massage your hair upside down for 4 minutes as blood rushes to your hair and it promotes hair growth and prevents hairfall.Do it on a daily basis.
?Always brush or comb your hair to increase blood flow.
?Stick on to natural products instead of chemical products.
?Always towel dry your hair.
?Eat healthy and drink lot of water.

?Never rub your hair with towel to dry,use soft towels or T-shirts to dry your hair
?Do not comb your wet hair
?Do not use chemical products or styling equipments on a daily basis.
?Never stick on to one hairstyle,change your hairstyles often and do not tie your hair so tightly.
?Do not go out without covering your hair,use scarfs or UV protectants.

So,I hope this will help you guys in figuring out the cause of hairfall.Wait for upcoming posts for more haircare tips and remedies.Stay happy and stay healthy :)
If you have any queries leave down a comment below and stay updated:)Have a nice day.


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