hollywood honey

a wig i ordered almost four months ago finally made its way to me. the style is aptly named Hollywood Honey, and while it could be blonder i am pretty pleased. i had also ordered a rather natural looking lilac wig that was unfortunately sold out so i may end up taking some hair dye to this one. from my experience regularly dying a short blonde bob lavender in early 2014, Punky Colours sticks fairly well to synthetic hair and Manic Panic doesn't even pretend to (it occurs to me that aesthetic was part of the blog-less period, but it was one of my favourite looks to date so i'm sure i'll make a #ThrowbackThursday post one of these weeks). purple's my obvious go to, but wouldn't soft pink tips be so cute?

i played around with make up today for the first time in a few months. i'm not that into eye shadow on the day to day, but i did figure out a new eyeliner thing i want to do all summer long (gold glitter pencil on the bottom lashline! so shiny!). i'm also wearing NYX's now-iconic liquid suede in... lavender? lilac? (i'm too lazy to go check the tube and i'm sure you already know) which frankly i could wear everyday. 

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