summertime broke femme

I've been really wanting to blog lately but I just don't know where to start, but, I guess I'm starting here. (Will I ever be able to start a post that doesn't make it sound like I'm awkwardly introducing myself to strangers at a party?)

The last six weeks or so have been really neat! I moved from Regina to Edmonton, visited Vancouver and Victoria, was back in Edmonton for a day, and then went to visit a friend in Camrose for a week. I'd also been taking an online class (Stats 100 - my first online University course) and wrote my final exam a few days after leaving Camrose. I know it's just a 100 level course, but doing math again was really awesome. And now I am back in Edmonton, trying to feel settled, and looking for a job. My sister is visiting this week and we've seen each four times in four months now (we normally only see each other three times a year). And my birthday is Saturday!

Lotsa' neat things are going on, but my days are still really slow, full of sleep; a lot of reading, walking, time spent at the library; writing in coffee shops and sorting things in the evening. Due to some family-emergency stuff I haven't really been working since the end of April, so I'm trying to appreciate all of the time I get to myself, but still structure my time and make the most of my days. It's not something I'm particularly good at, and I'm hoping a job will make me have a bit more structure.

I spent a lot of yesterday outside, and it was the perfect warm and sunny but not too hot weather. Hot enough for one of my few tank top days of the season. A lot of the discomfort I have around exposing flesh is highly related to illness, so I can't totally relate to the "fatties baring arms!" thing. I certainly don't mean to devalue that, I think it is important and valid, but not all experiences are the same. My skin invites disgust, looks of horrified curiosity, intrusive questions AND I'm fat (and I have a myriad of privileges, still, that allow me to feel safe and empowered in my body in public arenas). It's complicated, y'all. But I'm super in love with this top, and super into broke messy femme clashing fashions (because I have to be, also see: "I don't wear anything I can't wipe my hands on"). This shirt is from the 1996 North Country Fair, a folk festival in Northern Alberta, and the first year my family and I went - I was four! I found it at Value Village five or so years ago, cut out the back (it was a security t-shirt) but it fit in such an odd way. Feeling brave during Pride week after finally going for short hair, I ripped the sleeves off and am pretty excited about wearing it now. This skirt is super fun and I always get a lot of compliments on it, another thrifted skirt I wasn't that into and now can't get enough of.

Also, I am in LOVE with these sandals. I have such a hard time finding sandals because my feet are large and wide and thick (is there a term for that?). I'd been eyeing them on Naturalizer website, but was super hesitant because they only came in regular width, but the fit just works with my foot. I got them for $30, have been wearing them non-stop, including a lot of walking, and they're super comfortable. Solid purchase!

How have you folks been? I hope you're all enjoying the end of summer! 

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