Sad Songs

Pattern matching (and clashing) is my absolute favourite, and nothing sends my heart all aflutter like polka dots on polka dots. Totally dreamy. I'm also really into this dark purple lipstick. I'd been eyeing it since the summer and finally decided to just buy it. Is it weird to think it looks especially good against my new orange-y hair? No? Awesome.

 On Saturday night one of my very good friends had an art opening for her solo print show, and two other friends (who are a noisy punk/queer performance art team) performed at it. I know I mentioned this is my last post, but my friends are REALLY talented. Like, damn. I wish I had photos of the art show and performance to share, but it seems I'm just a vain bitch who's really into my outfits. (Or I'm always pretty shy about bringing my camera places and snapping photos and such. One or the other.) After the opening, we headed to bar for the appropriate amount of drinks and lots of silly dancing. I ended the evening by complimenting all of my friends profusely before heading home, which is a pretty decent drunk-habit to have if you ask me.

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