A few weeks ago, before the very stressful end-of-semester period has officially begun, two of my roommates and I saw Metric in concert and it was SO amazing. Metric was my first concert almost seven years ago, when I was an awkward and hopeful 13 year old. (I am now an awkward and hopeful 20 year old. Which is a bit better, but involves more bills). We got there ridiculously early and ended up being front row centre and it was fantastic. There wasn't much room to dance but of course everyone was anyways, and it was a lot of fun. I'm trying really hard to omit my usual swearing, but I hope you understand how EXCITED I am.

This is my favourite skirt (from Ricki's). I don't think I've posted it before but I wear it all the time. It seems my love affair with polka dots will never end.

Has anyone else noticed that Emily Haines is a perfect human being? Do you like Synthetica? What's new with you folks?! I miss ya!

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