Life Lately

I'm bad at blogging. No ifs ands or buts about it. And since I deleted my tumblr a month or so back, my internet "presence" is really lacking. My life lately has included ceramics projects, all things Halloween, a change in my medications, plumbing-related house issues, the first snow falls of the season, and all of the usual schools/work/dealing with life shenanigans. It could involve more studying, more cleaning, and a a healthier approach to self-care. But I'm working on those things.

 celebrating Halloween with a pub crawl // waiting for pizza after the bar // (part of) this year's jack o' lantern // collage paisley made at work // ornamentation assignment for class // multiple porcelain brains // walking home on the first day of heavy snow fall // snowy campus from the bus stop

PS. I have way too much clothes I don't wear and not enough money, so I was thinking of selling some stuff online. Is that something you folks might be interested in?

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