My last night in Vancouver (which was a month ago now, wow!) also happened to be the closing night of MOJO, a play my sister did sound design for. I was excited to go, and of course I had to tailor my outfit to fit the 1950's feel of the performance.

I miss Vancouver and spending time with my sister so much. I'll be sure to share more photos of my trip soon.

I've finally gotten over my fear of wearing lipstick with my vertical labret piercing, and lately I can't get enough of colourful lips.

Outfit details: Old Navy skirt & polka dot top, Bobs shoes, second hand denim shirt, thrifted purse & free-piled red scarf

My sister Emily & I.

There's no denying that I'm biased (I think my sister's the most talented) but MOJO was probably the best piece of theatre I've experienced. It was site-specific in that the venue and set were the same and the acting went on in the same space as the audience. Plus it had this sexy, loud, abrasive, fast-talking cockney accents kinda' dark humour going on and I really really loved it.

PS. I didn't know that live theatre had trailers now but they apparently do so you should watch it!

PPS. It looks like the theatre department at my university is getting scrapped. Admission to theatre programs have been frozen and the university will be "refocusing the program around available resources." Though not in theatre myself, I'm forever disheartened by the erasure of fine arts programs in universities.

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