New House

A few weeks ago I moved into a new (rented) house. It has been exciting and stressful and exhausting, and to be honest I�m still pretty tired. My moving bruises have just started to fade and my bedroom is mostly furnished but I'm not done unpacking yet. This is nothing out of the ordinary really, moving is a hassle. Even when it's into a beautiful house with really wonderful friends. And even though I�m not entirely stress fee (rent! furniture! utilities!) finally moving in has been such a major relief.
Despite my immense amount of privilege, I have a lot of internalized classism, and making the transition from apartment to house has caused a lot of anxieties I can�t quite articulate. Let me just say that I'm not even twenty and I�m living in the �nicest� place I ever have and that feels weird. I've described this house as "painfully middle class" on more than one location, and for now that's all I can really say. I don't mean to scoff at the spacious living spaces and hardwood floors and finished basement but I still can't shake the weird feeling. Maybe one day I'll be able to articulate my class anxieties better and maybe then I'll write about them (and then my friends can read about them and be happy that I'm actually following through when I say "hey maybe I'll blog about that").

We�ve been house hunting for since last spring (nothing makes you yearn for a house all of your own than living in residence), with serious focus since early June. Looking for a nice four bedroom house (where all four bedrooms are the same size) in our budget and in a central location, with a landlord willing to rent to a handful of young women has been a feat, but I think we snagged one of the few in the city.

One major upside of a house is this wonderful yard - this means more outfit photos, because I'll actually have the space to take them in.

I also can't blog about house and home without sharing a a bit of my kitschy kitchenware collection. Not all of my roommates are on board, but I hope the owl cookie jar can stay. Compromise, right? 

Right now our house in not really furnished and not entirely moved in to. It should be in a lovely lived-in state by the start of the semester (but not a minute sooner) and I hope to share a lot more photos when it is. This is the first place since moving out of my parent's that has the potential to feel like home, and I'm looking forward that.

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