Comical Spheres

Sorry that's in been so long since my last outfit post! I haven't been in the mood to photograph myself in a while and this semester's been busy so far, but it feels good to be back in the swing of things. One of the reasons this semester has been so busy already was that the first day of classes was also the first day of campaigning for the pride centre. We're the only student organization on campus not directly funded by students, and yesterday students voted on whether our pride centre should receive $1 per student per semester. Today I'm happy to report that our referendum passed (with 86% of votes in our favour!), securing our funding and our ability to continue providing services on campus. I'm so excited about this!

Dress - Penningtons (my grad dress!)
Tights - c/o of We Love Colors
Men's boots - Forever 21
Striped top - thrifted
Coat - thrifted (only $7)
Necklace - made & gifted by my sister

I absolutely love this Archie comic necklace from my sister, and other people seem to as well. I got a tonne of compliments on it - I don't know why I don't wear it more often!

Disclaimer of sorts (just because I'm always curious when people take outfit photos outside in the winter): It is bitterly cold and windy right now. I thought I could snap a few photos on my rooftop courtyard (...that makes it sound way fancier than it is) and while I clearly survived, I probably shouldn't have risked it. The weather had been pretty warm for a while there, but for the last week it's been terribly cold and with wind chills has felt like -40. It's supposed to warm up this weekend so I won't have to risk frostbite to snap a photo. I'm not really sure why I felt this needed a disclaimer, but I feel really weird trying to pretend it's "not that cold" when really, that the reality of where I live. Rest assured, I'm all bundled up under other circumstances.

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