I wore this last Saturday night to see a play that one of my friend's was stage-managing. The play was pretty good, and it was the start of what turned out to a be a really awesome weekend. I absolutely love this dress - it feels like pyjamas but looks fabulous!

This outfit did not come about easily. I generally ignore all "fashion rules" but the idea of pairing light brown with this dress just...boggled my mind. My style can be a bit quirky, but to avoid looking a thirteen year-old who just discovered Value Village is actually cool (no hate, I've been there), I try to pair colours in a way that feels "sensical" and repeat colours throughout an outfit. So upon first glance (and second, and third) this dress called for black additions and nothing more. I'm glad I was able to shake that feeling because I really like this outfit. Are there any self-imposed fashion rules you have a hard time breaking?

Old Navy dress, Penningtons belt, Payless flats

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