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Thank you all for the kind comments you've been leaving, especially the congratulatory comments on my last post. I've been really bad at replying to comments lately (more posts = more comments = me feeling overwhelmed) but do know that I read and appreciate every comment I receive!

Wore this to classes a few days ago, and got a tonne of compliments on it. I guess I'm not the only one who likes black and white mixed prints!

Problem: I love how boots and skirts look without tights, but I always thought it was one of those things I just couldn't do. Plus I have iffy feelings about my knees.

Solution: Push myself outside of my comfort zone and look like a mega babe doing it.

nov 30 008

Thrifted dress (worn as a skirt)
Sweater from Zellers
AA leg warmers
Naturalizer boots
Thrifted belt

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