Your filthy room, your drama blues

First of, thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments on my last post! This outfit is something I wore to class a few days ago. The only upside about living in residence is that most of the building on campus are connected, so I can often forgo boots and a coat. This black and white floral dress was a thrift store gem. I thought it would be too small (I'm awful at judging sizes just by looking) but it fit me perfectly. Success!

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thrifted dress & cardigan, Payless flats, gifted necklace

Most of my outfit posts will be taken inside from now on. Winter has nearly set in, and as the snow hits the ground I feel much less comfortable setting up my tripod in public. I wish I had someone who could take photos for me (or even a yard where I'd feel comfortable setting up my tripod), but even so it's blizzarding as I write this. I had a hard time getting proper full body shots inside, but I think I've found the right location. My room is tiny (about 8x10 feet) and it is the only space I have to myself. However, I doubt you read my blog for the excellent photography (ha!), and hope you'll stay with me over this winter spent indoors.

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