Olive You

nov 18 005

Yesterday I received and adorable care package from one of my best friends (thanks!) and along with a mixed CD, candy, and other cute things was this belt. Getting things in the mail from swonderful friends warms my heart, and as soon as the warm fuzzies calmed down I tried the belt with a bunch of my skirts. It looks great with everything - it's definitely my new favourite accessory!


My height and skill at shrinking things in the dryer has turned this maxi skirt into more of a flood length. Actually I don't even know where a maxi skirt is supposed to hit you. This feels like it might be a bit short, but I don't really mind. I felt cute anyways!

nov 18 015

nov 18 017

Zellers sweater, Old Navy skirt, Payless flats, Penningtons belt, DIY bracelet, scarf from Winners

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