30 for 30: My 30 items

I meant to post this last week but the days just flew by! Here are the 30 items I'll be remixing for the challenge.

30 for 30

30 for 30

Nov 7 040

Nov 7 044

Nov 7 071

Nov 7 051

30 for 30

I don't want to impose a lot of rules on myself (it's supposed to be fun after all!) but there are a few:

- I'm not counting tights, leggings, winter coats, tank tops worn for modesty's sake, scarfs, belts, or any other accessories
- I hope to finish this challenge before Dec. 15 (when I fly home for Christmas) so I'll be posting more frequently than I have been the past few months
- that being said, I won't force myself to rush and finish the challenge if it happens to take longer
- I won't purchase any new clothing during the challenge (I might buy some second hand clothes, but mostly I'll be saving my money for Christmas)

I'm really excited about this challenge and will start posting the next 29 outfits soon!

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