Things I Love About Halloween

1. Haunted houses

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I absolutely love being scared. On Friday night I went to the Shock House here in Regina with a classmate and it was incredible! It was so good that I'm going again tonight with a few other friends. Three stories of haunted dormitory terror (and the actors did a great job)!

2. Carving pumpkins...

hw 009

...and roasting the seeds

hw 001

3. Cute crafts

hw 002

I was inspired to make this little bunting flag after seeing this sticker at Michaels. Making a Halloween craft had me all nostalgic for Halloween as a child, and I really like the way it turned out.

4. Watching Hocus Pocus


This is definitely my favourite Halloween movie, I think I've watched it almost every Halloween since I was a kid!

5. Halloween themed nails


They're a bit messy (I have such a hard time painting my nails) but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to break out the orange and black nail polish. The spider web is my favourite!

Other things I love about Halloween //
little kids trick or treating (wish I was in a house and could hand out candy!), Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes, Pillsbury Halloween cookies (but they're so hard to find in grocery stores), costume parties, doing the time warp, watching horror movies... the list goes on!

I'll be posting my costume tomorrow. Happy Halloween!

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