Hey all! Sorry for being absent this past week, but the days have just flew by. I've been really busy and at first it was really great (on the pride centre's board of directors, enjoying my classes, making new friends) but I've been really on edge the past few days (unhappy with my living situation, anxious, not handling stress well). I'm feeling a bit more relaxed though, and hopefully things will get better from here.


Whenever I go more than a week without blogging I really start to miss it, and this time has been no different. I've even worn a lot of great outfits lately, I just haven't had the time or energy to photograph them. As you can probably tell, I got a new wig! I really love it but I'm still getting used to it so I've been wearing hats more frequently than normal. I'm definitely suffering from new-wig-nervousness (it's like when you a get a new haircut and feel hot but are feeling a bit unsure if it works for you but a bit more intense because this "hair cut" will ever grow out and cost a lost more than you can technically afford). Anyways, though, after wearing costume wigs for months the feeling a proper wig is delightful!


Last Saturday I went to the antique mall (and hit up Value Village again) and am so happy with my finds! I'm really happy with my fall wardrobe right now! With the exception of tights. I really need some new ones and was planning on getting some from We Love Colors but this is dependent on whether they ship USPS (which would arrive from Canada Post) or with FedEx. Living in residence with a P.O. Box I can't receive items that are shipped courier. If I remember from last time I believe they arrived from Canada Post but their website implies they ship with FedEx... could any Canadians who've recently received We Love Colors tights help me out? My brightly coloured legs would thank you!

I'm also going to be starting a 30 for 30 challenge (a la Kendi Everyday) and I'm excited about it. I think it'll be fun and challenge me to take full advantage of my small wardrobe. This you ca expect me to post outfits more frequently!

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