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I just got back from a four hour bike riding and shopping excursion, so I thought I'd write this post while I'm still feeling great from the fresh air!

fourhours 016

Since moving to Regina I've made a little deal with myself to put off taking the bus until it is absolutely necessary. These means a lot of biking (of course!) and I couldn't be happier about that. It's one of the few forms of exercise that I actually enjoy, and it gives me the opportunity to see knew parts of the city. So when I wanted to head over to Penningtons and Old Navy I chose to cycle, even though it's a ways away from the university. Google Maps told me it would half an hour each way (and a 14km round trip) which sounded good to me. The map told me that a bike path from campus should take me most of the way there, and that was enough direction for me. Unfortunately once the bike path ended I got lost. And I continued to get even more lost. I got stuck in cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac (what's with wealthy people and streets that go no where?) but eventually found a proper street and continued on my way. I stopped for coffee at the wonderfully named Brewed Awakening, and when I asked the barista for directions I realized I wasn't too far away from my destination. Whew!

fourhours 021
What I wore: thrifted Joe Fresh dress, Old Navy cardigan, Walmart leggings, Payless boots

I got some really cute clothes, as well as great basics, but I'll leave those for another post (with better photographs!). I also bought some wonderful underwear - there's nothing better than a comfy new bra! I'm also feeling really good because the distaste I've been feeling for my body lately has been easing up. I know my body is great, but lately body-hate has been a manifestation of the overall stress that I've been feeling. Now, not only has my stress gone down, but I have new clothes that look fantastic, and my is happy about exercising. Yay body love!

I had a bit of an odd experience at Old Navy. I was looking at cardigans and a couple near-by were giggling and looking in my directions. They might as well have been pointing and laughing as I felt sure humiliation on my part would follow. But I always give people the benefit of the doubt (even when I probably shouldn't) so I looked over and said "can I help you?" The guy responded "yeah, can you help her pick out an outfit? She likes your style." I turned to the girl he was with and she said "this is awkward... but I wouldn't mind your help. It turned out that she had never been to an Old Navy before and wasn't sure what she wanted to get, and the guy was getting frustrated. So when I came up he asked here "well, do you like her style? Then ask her for advice." I didn't mind helping at all, but just a heads up that giggling and giving someone side glances is way more awkward then just going up to them and saying "I like your style, could you give me some advice?"

Considering how haphazard this blog post has been, I might as well throw in some photos of Regina, right? Right.

fourhours 017

fourhours 029

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