Happy Birthday (to me)!

Yesterday I turned 19, making me of legal age everywhere in Canada! I had a birthday/going away party a few weeks ago with my friends, so yesterday was a low-key celebration with my parents and a family friend who happened to be in town. I had a really great day: I woke up to balloons and flowers from my parents, drank a lot of cold-brewed coffee, went out for brunch with my mom, and went for a big birthday dinner with my parents and our friend at Moxie's. Once again I don't have any photos with people (!) but I do have photos of my lovely gifts to share. Please don't think I value things more than people, but these things are really cute and receiving gifts from people I love always leaves me humbled by how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life.


Happy Birthday cupcake mug from Nicole; individually wrapped gifts from my sister that I opened throughout the day (so fun!)

19th birthday 024

Daisies from my parents


cupcake candle (the sprinkles are such a cute touch!); gorgeous ring from my sister

19th birthday 010

This cupcake smelled so good! A very realistic cake scent without being overpowering


A kit to make your own owl ipod cover; gorgeous card from Nicole

19th birthday 030

Beautiful owl card from Steph


A handmade cupcake stuffie from my friend Erin. She's currently living on the other side of the country but before she left she made everyone cute little stuffies and gave them to one of our friends to share at appropriate occasions. So cute!

19th birthday 058

Gorgeous bracelet from what my sister referred to as an "upscale Goodwill in Portland"


In 1992 the term "surfing the net" was coined, how cool is that?!; coffee press from my parents (from who I inherited my coffee addiction)

19th birthday 004

A lovely vintage brooch from Stephanie


Thank you for letting me share the new (cute!) additions to my life. When I say that I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life that means you too! Blogging has been an important part of the past two years for me, and it is the kind people who read, follow, and comment on my blog that encourages me to continue blogging. Thank you! ♥

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