Navy & black

This weekend was just as fun and busy as I imagined it would be! After a bustling four-day weekend I was very grateful to have today off to recuperate. I didn't get very many photos this weekend (as it always happens when I'm having a lot of fun), but I did get a few shots of my outfit on Thursday night. Thursday was a very autumn-y day, so I took that into consideration when getting dressed for the pub. My outfit was inspired by this one on the Clothed Much facebook page. I loved my outfit, but with her skinny jeans and lace-up flats, Elaine's definitely takes the cake!



Thrifted cardigan & bag, Old Navy striped top, Ricki's skirt, Payless boots, and Winners scarf

I was very sad to hear of Jack Layton's passing today. First and foremost, my condolences to his family. While we have lost a wonderful representative, his family has lost a loving father and husband. With the amount of hope and optimism Jack Layton was able to instill in Canadians who never had the honour of meeting him, I can only imagine the positive impact he has left on the the lives of those close to him. Canada has lost a great politician, and even those who do not support the NDP are mourning the death of an honourable Canadian.

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