Earn your Stripes


I'm finding my personal style to be quite fickle. A lot of the time I don't know what I want to wear, and when I do it's not possible given what's in my wardrobe. I feel my style is changing but I don't know where it's going. I want to be a bit more androgynous and edgier. Darker... more chic, less childish. Not really androgynous per se.... just less girly. Less overtly cute?

This is just a bit of rambling, really, but it's one of the Top Three Things on my Mind lately (the other two are mentioned near the end of the post). All that being said, I was happy with what I wore today.



thrifted Joe Fresh striped tunic (a medium!), thrifted vest & bag, Ricki's skirt, Spring sandals, F21 sunglasses


rock pendant from some tourist-y gift shop, gifted handmade copper bracelet


I don't talk a lot about health, online or in real life, because it just doesn't interest me. Most of the discussion around health is quite problematic, and when it comes to maintaining a comfortable quality of life I tend to focus on my mental health. However I've been having a few physical health problems lately, namely with back pain, neck pain, and awful tension headaches. It got so bad that I spent Monday night in the emergency room, worried that the neck stiffness/headache/nausea might be meningitis! I'm more than a bit embarrassed that a headache landed me in the ER, but I'm grateful that it wasn't something worse. Since then I had my first massage (I was a bit nervous but the massage therapist, who's a friend of a friend, was great) and began seeing a physical therapist, and I feel like I'm on the right track to deal with my pain.

In happier news though, I'm making a big change come fall. If we're friend on facebook you already know that I'm moving to Regina, Saskatchewan this September! After a lot of waiting and frustration, followed my a whole tonne of indecisiveness on my part, I've decided to move to Regina for university. The University of Regina is the only university on Canada where I can get a Bachelor of Arts and focus on ceramics, which is my passion. I'm pretty set on getting a BA (rather than a BFA or diploma) because I'd like to eventually get a Master of Library and Information Science degree. I've never even been to Regina, nor do I know a single person there, so this is a huge change. To be honest, though, I'm much more excited than I am nervous! It'll be such an adventure! I'm moving the first weekend of September, so until then I'm spending as much time with friends & family as possible, and trying to downsizes a lot.

As always, thanks for reading!

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