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I can't believe August is half over. Where did it go? What did I?

I'll be moving in three weeks!


This post might seem a bit all-over-the-place, but that's where my head is right now.


  • First and foremost, as embarrassing as it feels to say, there's no way around it - the Full Fat Clothing Swap was a total flop. Not a single person came. It was disappointing to say the least, but there's no point in getting too upset. It's in part that i didn't do any real life/paper advertising. My procrastination and nerves got the best of me, and I just wasn't sure about how to go about real life advertising, so I let it fall to the side. However, I felt like there was some interest shown, but it happened to be a bad weekend for everyone. I can't feel to negatively about it, it's just something to learn for next time!
  • To clear up some closet space before I move, I'm selling a tonne of clothes online. $0 articles of clothing and a pair of Aldo boots to be exact. Most items are sizes 16-20, with a few larger and smaller sizes, and priced between $5-$20. There are clothes from Old Navy, Forever 21+, GAP, and American Eagle (a lot unworn), as well as some gorgeous vintage pieces. You can check out the sale here or by clicking the "shop my closet" link at the top of the page.
  • The shoes I ordered from Aldo don't fit one bit! Their size 11 really is more like a size 10, it's ridiculous. At least it's really easy to make returns; you can return items purchased online in any of their stores.
  • I've spent the after noon attempting to apply for student loans, but their site is being so finicky. I'm getting a bit frustrated, but I'm sure this evening activities will cheer me up. Keegan's taking me out to dinner - so sweet of him!

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