August Long Weekend

Hey all! This weekend was a long weekend in most Canadian provinces, and the past few day have been just lovely. I didn't work all weekend, and my parents were out of town, so Friday to Monday I was free to do as I please. What a wonderful feeling!

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Thrifted skirt, Ricki's top, Northern Reflections belt, free chains and gifted pendant

My extra-long weekend involved:
- Riding my bike to Value Village and getting three lovely bottoms (including the $3 skirt I'm wearing above). The ride back wasn't as nice as a bit of a storm had blown in and I was riding into the wind and rain without so much as a sweater!
- Starbucks and Chapters with my dad. I got a gorgeous new journal and he was kind enough to buy me two novels, including Miriam Toews newest one. My parents hate to feel like they spoil me, so they called it an "August long weekend present." Too funny!
- Finishing the sgraffito on a hand-built pot. It looks really good and I can't wait for it to be fired!
- Learning how to use a sewing machine with the help one of my best friends. We made a cute little draw string bag. I really want to get a sewing machine of my own and expand into altering thrifted clothes.
- Sharing a cookies n' cream icecream cone with the aforementioned best friend.
- Receiving some absolutely gorgeous second-hand jewellery from my friend's mom. Thank you!
- New lipstick. After seeing bright fuchsia lips everywhere I decided to give it a try. I'm wearing Rimmel's "In Vogue" and the colour and formula are perfect! It was only $4 at Shoppers and I've already gotten a lot of compliments on it.
- A spontaneous outing to the bar. On Saturday night I was already in my pyjamas when two of my friends texted me asking to go out. I'm nothing if not fun, so I threw on some clothes and my new lipstick and headed out. We went to Suede on Jasper Ave, where none of us had been before. (As my friend put it, "I heard a lot of queers like to come here, and I thought 'hey, we could be those queers!'") Maybe it was the alcohol, but that line had me laughing out loud! That being said, with $9 highballs and cocktails this queer girl likely won't be back.
- Taking a friend out for coffee (after sleeping through our lunch date... not the first time it's happened either!). Thankfully she was still in the neighbourhood and after a green tea frap was able to look past my sleeping habit.
- An ENORMOUS amount of cleaning and organizing. Cleaning actually took up most of my weekend but I couldn't be happier about it. I'm terribly disorganized and lately my room has been disastrous. Now, it's clean and organized (along with the rest of the house) and I feel great. I did a major overhaul of my closet, and it's much more functional now. I'll be sure to share photos in the next few days.

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Whew! Sorry for the novel there. How was everyone else's weekend?

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