Hello again all! I'm going to refrain from apologizing for not posting in so long because doing that every ten days for the rest of the summer could easily become redundant. Blogging is way more fun when it's a hobby rather than a responsibility and I'd like to keep it that way! I've started a new job (I'm working for Statistics Canada while we're conducting the census) and after not working in two years it's hard to get used to. Time management has never been my thing, and a new job combined with two new relationships (combined with the fact that being back in Edmonton still feels like a holiday of sorts) has left little time for blogging, or any online happenings to be honest. I'm having tonnes of fun, when I'm not stressed, but I need to work on finding a bit more balance in my life. I've been quite stressed with regards to making life choices lately, and I've recently decided to move back to Edmonton for good. I'm really excited about that, and I'm sure I'll be writing more about it in the future.

Pride 2011

This past Saturday was the Edmonton Pride parade. Like last year, I walked in the parade with Youth Understanding Youth, a queer youth group that I attended in grade 12. Pride was, once again, so much fun! One of my favourite things about the day of the Pride parade is the sense of community. Wandering through crowds of face-painted, like-minded individuals - bumping into old friends and making brand new ones - is just incredible. I recognized a women who had performed some powerful poetry at Slut Walk the Saturday prior, and we talked a bit. I also met a ridiculously awesome girl who recognized me from the Fatshionista LJ community. I was so flattered when she approached me, as I'd been admiring her cute sequin poncho and general awesomeness since the beginning of the parade! We talked for a while and decided to be best friends. And then as though my day hadn't already been made, she gave me her card! I've always wanted a cute business card to hand out to potential friends. (Is that odd? I just think of it as networking.) What would my card say? Potter? Blogger? Iced coffee drinker extraordinaire? Potential best friend? I'm thinking all of the above! Anyways, the girl I met expressed interest in a fat Edmonton event, if it were to happen. Right now Fat Edmonton is something I very much want to happen, but I don't know if I have the energy to do it. Hopefully Edmonton will experience some full-fat flavour this summer, and when it does you'll be the first to know! Community-building, right? It's wonderful!

Pride 2011 outfit

Excuse the awkward cropping. I wanted to share what I wore while respecting my friends' privacy, and I didn't get a better photo of my outfit. The skirt is one you've seen before, and the... boob-covering device is a strategically tied scarf from American Apparel.

I actually haven't worn anything sleeveless/strapless in years. Not because I don't want to show off my fat arms, but because I hate my armpits. I mean, I'm not a fan of armpits in general, but I'm super insecure about mine. I decided to bite the bullet, and I'm glad I did! Being ashamed of my scarred armpits is no different than being ashamed of my fat arms. We can't pick and choose which parts of our body are worthy of respect and call that body acceptance! (And besides, it's not like I was walking around with my arms in the air. Baby steps, right?) Unfortunately, after not seeing the sun in years, my shoulders burned something awful. After that, it was too painful to raise my arms! Even now I'm sure I could fry an egg on my shoulder. (Is there a market for that?) Anyways, since making the first step I'm hoping this summer will give me a chance to get more comfortable showing off my arms, sort of like last summer did for baring leg.

Sorry for rambling on for so long! Writing this post has actually got me really excited to start blogging more, so I'm sure you'll here from me again soon. In the mean time, I hope you all had a good weekend!

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