Blue roses

As someone who deals with depression, I always treat the completing of simple tasks like huge accomplishments. Productivity is a subjective concept, and while my idea of productive is probably more lenient than most, I'm always sure to recognize even my smallest accomplishments. I do sort of the same thing with turning small outings into exciting adventure. Why not make life more exciting, right?

Today I didn't work, so I decided to make a blog post! I was about to leave this afternoon when I got a text saying there was a tornado warning. It turned out just to be a watch, but I still decided it would be best not to risk being outside, should the storm worsen. But, since I already had my boots laced I decided to go for a little walk down Whyte. Living in one of Edmonton's best neighbourhoods (in my biased opinion) is wonderful! Good coffee, cute & quirky shops, delicious Indian food, a large bookstore... all within 4 blocks from my house!

I didn't wear anything mind-blowing today, but it's nice to share the casual outfits too.

rain, rain
My new Wicked headphones. I haven't purchased new headphones in years (seriously, I'd been using a single earbud for almost a month) but it was time. I'm happy with the quality, especially for the price. $30 for these headphones and a pair of earbuds.

Umbrella - thrifted
Wrinkly spring coat & leggings - Walmart, size 3X


$6 boots
I absolutely love my new boots. They were only $6 ($50 originally) from Payless! They very comfortable and practical and I like the way they look. My partners think they're hot!


Butter chicken
Butter chicken from the Spice Grill, a new Indian place on Whyte & 108th. So good!

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