I can't step off the cloud

Hey all! I honestly cannot believe how long it's been since I've updated my blog, I'm so sorry. Real life certainly gets in the way of things, huh? I feel terrible though, and just want to note that I absolutely love blogging and have no intention of stopping. I guess I've just been a bit distracted lately.

I'm still looking for a job (ugh!), but I had an interview today that went really well so...fingers crossed! Aside from job hunting, I've been enjoying seeing my friends from high school and meeting new people/making new friends. I really love being back in Edmonton, it feels like home.

I thrifted this dress for $5 yesterday. Pros: the colour, shape, and pattern are all cute as heck. Cons: it's unlined (which means it's a bit see through), the pockets are fake, it's a cheap fabric, and it's too tight in the bust (all vintage dresses are on me, though). That being said, I still really like it. To me, thrifting clothes is about compromise, and that's a-okay in my books.

may 036

may 046

may 038

may 044

Dress - thrifted
Grey tank (layered underneath) - Wearhouse One size XXL
Skirt (worn as a slip) - American Apparel size L
Flats - Payless size 11
Belt - Northern Reflections
Gold chain - thrifted
Beaded necklace - vintage, gifted

I believe got the idea to layer the AA skirt as a slip from Rebecca of We Are Large, People. It's a brilliant idea, and it adds a bit of volume to the dress.

I'm going to Vancouver, BC tomorrow for my sister's graduation, but I'll be taking my laptop with me and should still be blogging. I absolutely love Vancouver in the spring, and I'm sure I'll have tonnes of photos to share with you all. Until then, happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians! ♥

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