Hibiscus and Hummingbird

Boring outfit for a boring day. Seriously. I got dressed half asleep, and then spent almost the entire day studying for my linear algebra exam tomorrow. Yawn.

I'm most definitely wearing leggings as pants today. I was going to justify myself by saying something about living on campus or final exams, but to do so would be totally unnecessary. Leggings are a perfectly acceptable alternative to pants if you choose to wear them as such. To say differently is straight up body policing and not okay. My body does not need to be hidden or disguised - it's fine just the way it is. My favourite leggings are from Walmart. They're the G21 brand and a cotton/spandex blend. They're fitted without being too tight, super comfortable without being to baggy, and have a yoga-style top instead of an elastic waist so they don't dig into your hips. At $10, they really are the perfect leggings.

purple cardi 002

purple cardi 012

purple cardi 006

pocket detail

Cardigan - thrifted
Striped tank top - Forever 21 size L
T-shirt - Old Navy size XXL
Leggings - Walmart size 3X
Flats - Payless size 11

ETA: I tried to make a video but I ended up rambling for 12 minutes so I'll just say it here: I have chosen not to publish comments that perpetrate the notion that leggings are "trashy" or a "fashion faux-pas." If you feel the need to leave comments like that, you've missed my point. I am not forcing anybody to accept leggings into their wardrobe, but no matter what your personal preferences are it is not okay to dictate what others wear. Every person has the right to wear whatever they choose and that is not an open invitation for your negative commentary. To be blunt, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

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