Cute as a Button

I had a pretty tough weekend mental-health wise, but I still wanted to share my costume from Friday night. Friday was my school's Last Class Bash and it was a tonne of fun. My campus is alcohol-free, so LCB is one of three opportunities to get drunk and dance with your classmates (aside from, y'know, every weekend at the local club). The theme was "Imma B" so everyone was supposed to dress up as something that started with the letter B. There were a lot of creative and fun costumes. With the help of my friend Nicole I decided to go as a button, because buttons are cute! (Also probably because I love hearing "you're cute as a button!"). I made two buttons from cardboard (which is ridiculously difficult to cut), painted them with acrylic craft paint, painted them with gel medium to make them shiny, and then used hot glue and yarn to make it look sewn and attach it to myself. There was another button in the back and it was attached sandwich-board style. I definitely should have used something stronger than yarn though, my costume broke multiple times and I had to use some ribbon from balloons to fix it. Still, I was really happy with my costume.

button 002

button 008

button 010

button 009

button 014

Black t-shirt - B.U.M. Equipment size 3X
Black mini skirt - Ricki's size 18
Purple tights - Addition Elle size 3X
Black flats - Payless size 11
Hair pins - buttons glued to bobby pins with hot glue

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