A spot of spring

Hello! I know I haven't had a proper outfit post in ages, so here you are! I wore this yesterday, and I felt super cute. I love this dress, and I haven't worn it ages. I'm not sure it shrunk in the wash or something, but I was a little self-conscious about how short it is. I don't remember it being this short! This is the first time I've worn these shoes. I bought them at the end of fall for $5, but winter is hardly a time for peep-toe flats. I totally love them though, metallic shoes are fabulous. I also really like this ring with my owl necklace - they're both that ridiculously bright silver, so they go together well. This is also the debut of my new red wig. I absolutely love it! I purchased it from a fraudulent seller on Etsy (before I knew they were fraudulent, obviously), but the same wig can be purchased here.

Yesterday was a lovely day, if a bit emotion-filled. I had class from 9:25am-3:30pm (studio art, English, and psych). We're beginning our final project in art, which I'm a bit nervous about as it's weighted more than our other projects. I'm really enjoying art though, we've been painting with acrylics - something I'm much better at than drawing! After psych, I went for a coffee/walk with a cute boy. It was so warm and sunny, it's finally starting to feel like. Spring in Alberta is really slushy though, and on our walk I ended up falling into a creek... I felt so embarrassed (not to mention cold!) but he walked me back to my dorm room so I could change my shoes and put on some dry leggings. We ended up hanging out with some of his friends and spent the evening together. I am totally smitten, and if you follow me on tumblr you know that I talk about my crush a lot. I also found out some not-so-great family news, but things will hopefully be getting better.


redhair 075

redhair 072

redhair 108

redhair 134

Dress - Old Navy size XL
Cardigan - Walmart size 2X
Tights - Penningtons size 4X
Belt - thrifted
Ring - Penningtons
Necklace - Warehouse One
Silver flats - Payless size 11

Sorry for the novel, I just have so much to say. It's another gorgeous sunny day today, tonight is the Last Class Bash, and I'm feeling quite happy. My university is a dry campus, so there are three parties every year where they rent a hall off-campus and students go to drink and dance. It's honestly kind of like a high school dance with way more alcohol, but it should be fun. I have an awesome costume lined up, which I'll be sure to share with y'all tomorrow. Happy Friday!

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