You're no star to guide me anyway

This is yesterday's outfit. It was the first time I'd worn my white wig out and I sure got a lot of comments! (Most positive, some along the lines of "silver hair whoa what who does that?!") Because the wig's so light you can see the wig cap at the crown of my head so I had to pair it with a hat. I love that ths outfit is all grey and navy blue. I also love mixng prints, polka dots, and cardigan clips. So much cute!


dotty ootd

cardigan clip

close up


Dress - Penningtons size 2X
Leggings - Walmart size 2X
Cardigan - Faith 21 size 2X
Boots - Walmart size 11
Hat - Ardene's
Cardigan clip - antique shop in Camrose

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