Will you be my Valentine?

I know a lot of people aren't such a fan of Valentine's Day, but I'm totally enamoured with the holiday. It's just so darn cute! That being said, I'm a bit of a sucker for any holiday; I love any excuse to decorate and eat thematic treats. Here's a little collage of some super cute Valentine's inspired clothes and accessories.


1. eShakti heart cut-out dress
2. ModCloth shoe clips
3. ModCloth "be the buyer" sample purse
4. ModCloth Proper Courtship necklace
5. Miss L Fire Renaissance Heart Court Shoe
6. Forever 21+ Embroidered Hearts Cardigan
7. ModCloth Heart Watch
8. Forever 21 love necklace
9. Forever 21 rhinestone heart ring
10. Forever 21 Heart Lock Bag
11. Evans block heel
12. Torrid heart print tube top
13. ModCloth Heart Umbrella

Here's a playlist of some of my favourite love songs. I know it's a bit long but there are too many cute songs to chose from!

My all time favourite love song isn't available on Grooveshark, but I couldn't not share it. It's so beautiful, and I hope that one day it can be my wedding song. When I saw David Francey live I was completely smitten.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day, or if you don't celebrate it, a happy Monday! I'm not doing anything too special, but my friends and I going to share a heart shaped pizza from Boston Pizza.

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